Infants 6-12 months

10 week series

Tuition fee:

60% off regular fee

$100 for the whole series

or $15 for a drop in class


 ZOOM online class


In this class we welcome new families who are making their first steps on the amazing parenting journey that can best be realized through empowerment, confidence, and connection which we thrive to provide using evidence based research along with caring and compassion. Our goal for every family is to be well informed and to feel secure in their intuitive nature to protect, bond and nurture their newborn. 


The topics covered in this 10 week series include

 - infant nutrition

 - physical development and infant movement

 - infant language acquisition and language development

 - implementing Baby Sign Language

 - age appropriate toys and activities

 - infant social development

 - early principles of positive discipline 

 - importance of reading to and with children

 - screen time and exposure to media guidelines for infants 

 - we will be playing, singing and dancing with our babies, as well as reading      to them.

- maternal and parental postpartum health and wellbeing


Classes are kept modestly priced and you can participate from the comfort of your home.