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About Us

Who We Are:

The Butterfly Center-Mindful Beginnings was founded in 2011 as an extension of CVUSD Adult Education parenting program. We are a Newborn Parenting Community in the Conejo Valley specifically focusing on pregnancy, breastfeeding, and newborn care. We foster and promote healthy pregnancies, successful breast/bottle-feeding and nurturing newborn parenting. 

Our Vision:

For every pregnant woman and family to have a “voice” and to be educated, supported, respected and confident throughout their journey to parenthood and beyond.


Our Mission:

To provide quality services for Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Newborn Education which encourages and supports the development of healthy happy families through nurturing and community. The Butterfly Center - Mindful Beginnings is where all family members are empowered, supported, respected and well informed concerning their choices, evidence based research, and needs during their amazing journey from pregnancy to parenthood.

Our Instructors


Rina Yardeny - Mother, B.A., CLC, Childbirth & Parent Educator,

Birth & Postpartum Doula


Brenda Hunter - Mother, MS, CLC, CIMI

Childbirth & Parent Educator

Birth Doula

Our Services:

Just as a caterpillar passes through incredible changes to become a beautiful butterfly, so does a pregnant woman on her way to motherhood.  Before her is an amazing journey which can best be realized through empowerment, confidence, and connection.
Using evidence based research along with caring, compassionate staff, we offer a variety of classes, support groups, and one-on-one services. Our goal for every family, is to be well informed regarding birth choices, to be confident in breastfeeding as normative behavior, and to feel secure in their intuitive nature to protect, bond and nurture their newborn. Classes are kept modestly priced and held in an inviting and comfortable space where parents can learn and build together with other new families in our community.


Educational Support Services include:
-Childbirth Preparation Classes 
-Pre-delivery Breastfeeding and Baby Care Education 
-Newborn Parenting and Support Classes - birth to 3 months
-Infant Parenting and Support Classes - 3 to 6 months

-Breastfeeding Café – Drop in breastfeeding support/discussion 
-In-home or private Lactation Consultations with certified lactation counselors
-Special Events


In an effort to help strengthen community awareness and family empowerment relating to a positive birth experience, as well as breastfeeding success, we regularly consult with and invite local professionals to share their knowledge. 


Our Commitment to the Community:

For the health and well-being of our society, it is imperative that we advocate for the pregnant woman, new mother/family and the newborn. As care providers we must provide them with evidence based information and quality health care, but equally important is our loving support, helping to empower them, and guiding them to their intuitive nature of protecting, bonding and nurturing their offspring.
We must raise the consciousness of the community in regards to the major lifelong impact of a positive and respectful birth experience; a supportive and nurturing post-partum period and evidence based information has on the survival of the newborn and positive development of the family.
Research clearly shows us that we can not separate birth, skin to skin connection, breastfeeding and newborn development as individual aspects of family life to be taken lightly, but that one completely impacts the other. This is “one journey” and the mother, newborn, family are “one unit”.
We are steadfast and unwavering in our commitment to promote peaceful pregnancies, successful breastfeeding and nurturing newborn parenting.

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