5 weeks series

Tuesday 6:00 - 8:15 pm

4/20 - 5/18/21

ZOOM online class

Tuition fee:

70% off regular fee

$150 for the whole series


All fees collected will be donated to www.mutualaidla.org

No family will be turned away due to financial hardship

Childbirth Education Class

Being committed to peaceful, informed and respectful labors, this Mindful Childbirth Education Class focuses on the power of natural birth as well as labor options and when interventions may be necessary.  


Through information, practice and support, couples become empowered and gain a stronger sense of control during the labor process.  Understanding the abilities of the body during labor and how to work with contractions rather than against them greatly reduces fear & significantly increases confidence in this amazing experience of birthing your newborn.

Class will include:

  • Signs and stages of labor

  • Understanding the birth process - knowledge is power

  • Advantages of Natural Childbirth

  • Practice of non-medical comfort techniques

  • Labor options

  • Reasons for medical interventions

  • Looking at feelings, fears, confidence  and empowerment!

  • The role of the labor partner

  • Benefits of strong support

  • Finding your voice - birth plans  

  • Becoming a family, the first hours after delivery

Use the power of being prepared to have a positive labor experience!

Instructor:  Brenda Hunter, MS, CLC, CBE 

She is honored to have provided labor assistance in 131 natural childbirth deliveries supporting empowerment, connection and the amazing skill of the newborn.

Space is limited!

Please contact Brenda prior to registering for the class at 818-599-8420