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for expecting families

Tuition fee: $75

This is a HYBRID class

IN PERSON at the

Oak Park Community Center

1000 Kanan Rd., OP 91377

 and live streamed via ZOOM


This class is geared towards expecting families who want to feel confident and empowered when they bring their little one home.


Congratulations to the expecting families! Your little one is almost here. You have read and learned so much about what to expect when you are expecting, you are ready for the labor and the delivery, you mastered the breathing techniques ... But what about the moment you bring your baby home? How do you take care of this little bundle of joy and of yourself? 

This informative class provides current evidence based information on newborn care and breastfeeding which correlates with the WHO, ACOG and AAP guidelines and recommendations. 

This class covers the following topics:

- Postpartum plan

- Gearing up for the baby

- Breastfeeding basics

- Common breastfeeding challenges and the ways to prevent / resolve them

- Milk supply management

- Pumping, storing the milk and bottle feeding

- Taking care of the baby basics: changing, bathing, soothing, calming, swaddling, infant sleep

- Maternal postpartum wellbeing: physical, emotional, mental 

- Baby blues vs postpartum depression

- Baby wearing basics

- Credible perinatal online resources

This class includes a class manual in pdf format and links to all the video references used during the presentation.

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